The Closing of Fillmore West, Night 5 – July 4, 1971

Tower Of Power, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Santana at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA – July 4, 1971

fillmore ouside

The story of Bill Graham and his influence on the San Francisco music scene (and – later – the rest of the United States) is too long to tell here. For a great read, do you yourself a favor and pick up Graham’s autobiography ‘Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock & Out.’ Many of your favorite live albums were probably recorded at the Fillmore East, West and Winterland Arena – all Graham’s venues. When he made the decision to close the Fillmore West in 1971, a 5 day musical extravaganza ensued.

Local FM rock stations KSAN and KSFX were on hand to broadcast the music remotely and the tapes fortunately have circulated for years among collectors, albeit in various fidelity (as you may notice here). It proved too much work to upload all 5 night of music, although I do have them. The Grateful Dead’s set is not here, nor is Boz Scaggs or Hot Tuna. What is here though is the entire final night’s show featuring Tower Of Power, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana and an all-star jam featuring members from all of the aforementioned bands and Van Morrison.

There are two files here, so be sure click on both links to get all of the music. These recordings capture a very special time in history so play them loud and enjoy.

Click BOTH links below to download these folders from Dropbox. Unzip > Import to iTunes > Enjoy!

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