Prince – Live In Holland – August 1988

Prince – Live at the Trojan Horse Club, Rotterdam, Holland – August 18, 1988


Prince had a long standing tradition of playing secret after shows in small clubs immediately following his major European dates. These shows usually featured many cover songs and a hefty amount of jamming. Not to mention long stretches of guitar pyrotechnics from Prince. It’s really a shame that he still isn’t more widely recognized for his guitar prowess.

This set, recorded at a small club in Rotterdam features excellent versions of The Temptations’ Just My Imagination, The Staples’ I’ll Take You There and James Brown’s Cold Sweat. This is Prince and his band clearly having a blast, playing the music they love in front of a small but very appreciative crowd.

Click the link above or below to download this folder from Dropbox. Unzip > Import to iTunes > Enjoy!

One thought on “Prince – Live In Holland – August 1988”

  1. Nice picture! Been looking for pictures from this gig for a long time. Note for the record: The Trojan Horse club is in The Hague, not Rotterdam. (The official lovesexy-show was performed in Rotterdam though).


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