Revisiting 3 classic Galactic & Greyboy Allstars danceathon, peak performances from 1997 (Links Inside – Don’t Miss!)

Both Galactic and The Greyboy Allstars grooved hard on on stage when they were rolled into town, which in the Northeast was fortunately often. I was actually in the audience when a young Galactic opened for Medeski, Martin & Wood at Tipitina’s in 1996 and really caught on to the urgency in Rich Vogel’s organ laing. I bought a copy of ‘Coolin’ Off (still a fantastic album) after the show. A friend’s sister recommended The Greyboy Allstars to me that next following summer. The whole band was solid but I quickly feel in love with Karl Denson’s expressive sax playing. He’s one of my absolute favorite players of the instrument.

This is just really, really good, fun music, and great to dance to! Performance, mix and quality are all balanced and even. Listening to these this weekend really took me back to Tipitina’s NOLA and Club Toast in VT.

DIG IT! All shows included in one file!

Greyboy Allstars – Wetlands, New York City, NY – (w/Melvin Sparks & John Blair)

Greyboy Allstars – Wilbert’s, Cleveland, OH –

Galactic – Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI –



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