eric clapton – live in los angeles, november 1994

MP3 320 kbps link:

When Eric Clapton announced his intention to record an all Blues album in 1994, many fans were relieved to see him take a break from his more pop oriented work of the 1980s. The resulting album, From The Cradle, was indeed a straight blues affair and a top shelf assortment of covers from such Blues greats as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Otis Rush and many others.

Clapton put together a 24 song set and hit the road with his band for dates in North America in October and November of 1994. This recording, from The Great Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, originates from a pristine soundboard DAT tape and includes the entire set played that night. Of note is the closing tune, Sweet Home Chicago, featuring Jimmie Vaughan on guitar.

Please note the first minute or two of the recording is sourced from an inferior recording, taped from the floor in the audience that night. It’s obvious when it switches to the soundboard tape at around 1:16.

Click the link above or below to download this folder from WeTransfer. Unzip > Import to iTunes (or your preferred music player) > Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “eric clapton – live in los angeles, november 1994”

  1. Great to have you back my friend! I was the last person to comment before ;your too long vacation from this blog to the first since your back.and I played that Jimmy Page /Black Crowes to death. I hope you make a road trip collection as I need a break from SE Michigan to Gods country norther Michigan.after all this Covid lockdown.

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    1. Thanks for checking in, John. Great to hear from you and I’m always happy to make a road trip playlist for you. Heading up to the UP? My in laws have a summer place about 45 minutes south of Munising. We live in Boston but head over there for a couple weeks every July or August.


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