it seems like a mighty long time…

Dear Music Lovers,

At long last, I’m bringing Live From The Archives back. I’ve been encouraged by friends, family and many of you to do so and I hope you’ll follow me in my new sonic adventures.

I’ll be posting a few shows in the next few days. Since Dropbox no longer allows me to share links, I will be doing so using WeTransfer. WeTransfer links expire after a week so if you miss an opportunity to download a show within that time, please send me a message and I will provide a new link. Also, I will be updating some of the old shows with new links but please give me some time to make this happen.

Back in 2016, I posted the following about this blog and it stands true today:

It’s been my mission to bring you some of my long time favorites as well as surprises I’ve discovered along the way, for you listening pleasure. I continue to look for recordings which enthrall and challenge me to listen to music in new ways. This is my wish for all of you. Listen to as much music you can by as many different artists as you can. Whether it’s James Booker maniacally shredding out Chopin’s ‘Minute Waltz’ on the piano, Lowell George crooning the world weary lyrics to his homage to truck drivers in ‘Willin’, Zigaboo Modeliste laying down back beats second to absolutely no one during a Meters club show or simply listening to Rick Danko and Levon Helm picking mandolin and guitar in front of a few lucky patrons at a bar in Portland, OR back in 1983…It’s all just good and good for your head.

Pass the music on to those you think will love it as much as you do and hold it close when you fell you need it most. That’s what it’s all about!


Matt Frawley

6 thoughts on “it seems like a mighty long time…”

  1. Matt, your past posts look great!! I will look forward to your offerings. Also, your story of discovering bootlegs in a hippy record shop sounds identical to the one i knew in Decatur, Il. Made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!! Ben


  2. Welcome back!

    Thanks for what you do. If you need some support to keep the music flowing, please put the word out. I’m sure you’ll find some willin’ (Thanks for the Little Feat, BTW) supporters out there.

    Looking forward to future surprises!


  3. Thanks, I’m a first-timer on this site. First shows I saw were awesome, I’m a big LF fan.

    Will you be reposting the dropbox shows to make them accessible again?


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