Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Live in los angeles, june 1991

MP3 320 kbps link:

Much to many a collector’s delight, soundboards of The Grateful Dead’s opening acts from the early to mid-90s began surfacing in 2017. These included crystal clear and well balanced recordings of Traffic, The Black Crowes, Steve Miller, The Indigo Girls and this terrifically fun group from South Africa, Johnny Clegg & Savuka.

Savuka was a multi-racial South African band formed in 1986 by musician Johnny Clegg . The group blended traditional Zulu musical influences with Celtic and Rock msuic that had a cross-racial appeal in South Africa. Their politically charged lyrics were often bilingual (English and Zulu) with several songs related to apartheid. These songs included “Asimbonanga” and “Third World Child. The recording features percussionist Dudu Zulu who was killed shortly after in 1992.

Click the link above or below to download this folder from WeTransfer. Unzip > Import to iTunes (or your preferred music player) > Enjoy!

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