The Grateful Dead – Live In Huntington, WV – April 1978

The Grateful Dead at the Huntington Civic Center, Huntington, WV on April 16, 1978.

I don’t typically include the music of The Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia Band here as it’s readily available on many other blogs and trading sites. However, I rediscovered this show recently and remembered that it was one of my prized ‘import’ (bootleg) CDs back in the ’90s (a 2CD set titled ‘For The Faithful’ purchased at Second Coming records in Cambridge, MA for about $40).

The first set of this show is one of the very best of any year you’ll find. Take a listen and you’ll hear tight and focused renditions of just about every song played. The closing ‘Scarlet > Fire’ is a top shelf version. The second set, while not as exploratory as others, is also very well played with prime versions of ‘Estimated Prophet’ and ‘Iko Iko.’

If you’re in the mood for some vintage Dead that’s more about straight up rock and roll versus exploring the outer limits or improvisation, give this show a try.

Click the link below to download this folder from WeTransfer. Unzip > Import to iTunes (or your preferred music player) > Enjoy!

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