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Bill Evans & Toots Thielemans – Live at De Meerkoet, Lelystand, The Netherlands – December 6, 1979.


I was genuinely saddened today to hear of Toots Thielemans’ passing. You may know his hugely soulful, chromatic harmonica breaks on Billy Joel’s ‘Leave A Tender Moment Alone’ or from the closing credits on Sesame Street – when the theme is slowed down to an instrumental he plays lead on. Paul Simon was a huge of admirer of Toots’ playing, featuring him on his 1975 album, ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.’

Pianists Bill Evans collaborated with Toots and the excellent ‘Affinity’ from 1980. Here is a Netherlands club set recorded for European radio at around the same time. Toots, guesting here on the last 5 tunes, gells nicely with Evans and his band, with solid take on Simon’s ‘I Do It For Your Love’ and Toots’ own, Blusette.

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Dickey Betts & Great Southern – Live at the Calderone Concert Hall in Hempstead, NY on August 11, 1978

Dickey Betts 2

In keeping with the Allman Brothers Band (or its side projects luckily caught on tape) theme from last night, here is my favorite start-to-finish solo Dickey Betts set of the several in my collection. Recorded just after the release of ‘Atlanta’s Burning Down,’ this set was broadcast by nearby 92.7 WLIR-FM and fortunately captured at home by someone with high end equipment. This sounds a s fat ad funky as you’d wan a vintage broadcast to be!

The Allman Brothers Band took 1976 through 1979 off to break from the escalating tensions that had developed in the last few years and to pursue solo projects. Lead guitarist Dickey Betts arguably fared the best with his new group Great Southern. The secret weapon to this fine ensemble was perhaps second lead guitarist ‘Dangerous’ Dan Toler who pushed Betts to the limit night after night.

Highlights are many but, ‘Liz Reed’, the ‘Jessica > Southbound > Jessica’ sandwich and a majestic, strikingly beautiful ‘High Falls’ are all must hears. This show is good for a long srech in the office, the yard or in the car.

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Gregg Allman & Friends – Live at the Lonestar Roadhouse, New York City, NY – June 1, 1991


One of the very best things about collecting rare music is stumbling onto something like this; a Gregg Allman & Rick Danko bootleg tape from 1991. There have been legendary tales of unreleased jams and live sit ins lurking on bootlegs for decades and the hard truth is that the material typically fails to make any real sparks given the chance for something special to happen.

Then there are shows like this Gregg Allman & Friends show from 1991. If you haven’t had a chance to download the Foamfoot show from a while back, this is the first show that comes to mind in terms of a real and true ad hoc band charging the stage and kicking ass.Gregg and Friends similarly oblige here. Don’t miss either  of these downloads.

Starting off with in an acoustic set featuring Rick on lead vocals and guitar and Gregg on lead vocals and Hammond Organ. It’s a fun affair with the crowd joining in the fun when Danko drops a verse on “The Weight.’ Rick fills up the first half with Band standards and Gregg comes in a few acoustic turns at ‘Midnight Rider’ and ‘Melissa.’

Then the electric stuff comes in straight into a hot version of ‘Crazy Mama’ and into a one-two punch of Allman chestnuts ‘One Way Out’ and ‘Stormy Monday.” Here we have John Popper on harmonica and Jeff Pever on guitar. I’m assuming Rick has moved over to bass at this point but I wasn’t there.

This must have been a hell of a night to be the Lonestar in NYC that night. Great recording, fantastic performance!

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Frawls’ August 2016 Live Music Mix

I recently had a couple of requests to put another one of these together so here goes. This will kill two plus hours at home, in the car or at a party!

Despite being different artists, you will find this compilation by going to the ‘Artists’ folder in your music library and looking under ‘Various.’. If you’re searching by album, it will be under ‘Frawls’ August 2016 Mix.’

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  1. Traffic – Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?
  2. Traffic – Every Mother’s Son (Fillmore East, NYC – 11/18/70)
  3. Peter Tosh – Pick Myself Up (Bottom Line, NYC – 3/8/79)
  4. Stevie Wonder – Superwoman
  5. Stevie Wonder – To Know You Is To Love You
  6. Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered  (Rainbow Theatre, London – 1/31/74)
  7. Little Feat – Spanish Moon
  8. Little Feat – Skin It Back
  9. Little Feat – Fat Man In The Bathtub (Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY – 9/19/74)
  10. The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice
  11. The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Forest Nationale, Brussels – 10/17/73)
  12. Hound Dog Taylor – Sadie
  13. Hound Dog Taylor – Roll Your Money Maker (ABC Studios, Australia – 3/14/75)
  14. B.B. King – Why I Sing The Blues (May Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico – April 1972)
  15. The Allman Brothers – Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More (May Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico – April 1972)
  16. Gregg Allman – Come & Go Blues (Live 1981)
  17. Bonnie Raitt & Lowell George – Can’t Find My Way Home (Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY – 10/17/72)
  18. Linda Rondstadt – Tracks Of My Tears
  19. Linda Ronstadt – When Will I Be Loved (Paradiso, Amsterdam – 11/21/76)
  20. Neil Young – No More (Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, NYC – 9/30/89)
  21. Alejandro Escovedo – Baby’s Got New Plans
  22. Alejandro Escovedo – Sway (Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA – 7/16/00)
  23. Lou Reed – Ride Sally Ride
  24. Lou Reed – Heroin (Konserthuset, Stockholm – 5/14/74)
  25. Santana – Incident At Neshabur (Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, MI – 7/1/75)



Joe Cocker – Live in Los Angeles, CA – Fall 1972 & at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA – October 19, 1969


Joe Cocker’s music has been influential for me over the years. His set on a double bill with Steve Winwood was my first concert in 1991. He ran through a terrific set with his band and almost stole the show from Winwood, who was also fantastic. A few years later, I picked up ‘Mad Dog’s & Englishmen’ on CD and my mind was completely blown upon first listen. Many hours were spent listening in awe to Joe, Leon Russell, their enormous band and even bigger choir working themselves – song after song – into a balls of frenetic, soulful thunder and lightning on the Fillmore East stage. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing this album, please do your ears a favor and pick it up. It’s just completely unreal.

Joe never wrote much of his own material but was one of the best interpreters of others’, often outdoing them completely and making his own arrangements the new standard. The Beatles’ ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ and ‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’ along with Traffic’s ‘Feelin’ Alright’ are just a few examples.

Offered here is a mix of two sets. First (tracks 1 through 9) is the super rare and long out of print ‘Live In L.A.’ album recorded in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA during his 1972 tour. His first since ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’, this tour found Joe featuring a much smaller band and more obscure material. It never quite reaches the dizzying heights of the ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ album but is still a satisfying listen. Highlights include Bob Dylan’s ‘Dear Landlord’, Ashford & Simpson’s ‘Didn’t You Know You’ve Got To Cry Sometimes?’ and a slow, gospel tinged reading of Stephen Stills’ ‘Love The One You’re With.’ Next (tracks 10-18) is an earlier set recorded live at the Fillmore West in San Francisco featuring a gorgeous rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ and a psychedlic, bluesy take on Ray Charles’ ‘Let’s Go Get Stoned’.

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Jimmy Cliff – Live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA – October 25, 1975

Jimmy Cliff

Here we have a beautiful recording of Jimmy Cliff’s 1st ever performance in Boston. It’s obvious from the get go that this show must have been a blast to have seen in person and that the crowd enjoyed themselves that night. I can only imagine how special it must have been heading out to the Orpheum on a crisp autumn night in 1975 and taking in Jimmy Cliff and his band in their prime. More than a few folks probably headed over to Cambridge after the concert to catch a midnight viewing of ‘The Harder They Come’ which remained a late night, cult staple into the ’90s.

Here’s a review of the concert from The Harvard Crimson just days after. A fun read!

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Jerry Garcia Band – Live at The Saddlerack, San Jose, CA – March 7, 1982


A very Happy Birthday to Jerry Garcia, who would have been 74 today. Here’s a tight show from early in the final JGB lineup that would remain intact until Garcia’s death in 1995. Broadcast on KFAT-FM in San Jose, highlights abound so be sure to listen to the whole show. Garcia’s playing was at a peak around this time and the perfect balance of intensity and delicacy in his soloing is outstanding during this show.

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The Kinks – Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI – August 10, 1979


The Kinks may be best known for their ’60s pop singles, but fans of the group led by Ray and Dave Davies know the band remained a force to be reckoned with all the way through to their 1996 split. If you haven’t dipped into The Kinks’ very extensive catalog, try Muswell Hillbillies, The Kinks Kronikles, and The Village Green Preservation Society to sample their brilliance.

By the late ’70s, The Kinks were enjoying a second wave of success in America as a live band. Audiences ate up their stripped down, guitar-driven, good time rock as this show proves. While Ray Davies is widely known as a first rate songwriter, Dave Davies never seems to get the respect he deserves as one of the best lead guitarists in classic rock. He really steps out here and lays down some blazing leads, even during the slower tunes.

Crank up and enjoy this excellent slice of Kinks at the peak of their live prowess!

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A Note From The Proprietor

When I was in high school during the Fall of 1993, I was introduced to the world of bootleg recordings through the owners of the now defunct Needham Music shop in Needham, MA. The shop was run by some aging hippies who would sit behind the counter, chain smoke unfiltered cigarettes and listen to whatever new vinyl or rare CDs they had acquired that week. The real treause though lay in the glass cases toward the back of the store containing hundreds of bootleg cassettes and import CDs boasting live shows from classic and modern artists unattainable through the major labels and largely unknown to anyone but die hard music fans. Naturally, I started on Grateful Dead and Phish tapes – as those were what my peers were listening to in those days. However,  I soon came to find out that some of these mysterious labels were turning out some exquisite material from other bands, no less seminal to a budding music lover in 9th grade. My curiosity had been successfully piqued and I’d go on to spend much of my summer earnings on bootleg CDs and tapes, pouring over every note on them and looking for friends as enthusiastic as I was to share them with.

And so I went head first into the world of ROIO recordings, spending entire afternoons in Harvard Square at places like Mystery Train and Second Coming Records. Many of these tapes are still my favorites today; Jimi Hendrix’s 1970 Berkley Concerts, The Grateful Dead’s Ithaca and Buffalo shows from 1977, Bob Dylan’s Royal Albert Hal show from 1966, The Who’s incendiary shows from Philly 1973 and London 1976 and perhaps, the finest performance The Rolling Stones ever gave in Brussels, 1973.

Since peer to peer networks eliminated the need to buy these shows under the table on illicit CDs or tapes many years ago and superior sources of many of the same performances have been brought into circulation by dedicated collectors and even connections to the artists themselves, we have better access to these historical recordings.

It’s been my mission over the last year to bring you some of my long time favorites as well as surprises I’ve discovered along the way, for you listening pleasure. I continue to look for recordings which enthrall and challenge me to listen to music in new ways. This is my wish for all of you. Listen to as much music you can by as many different artists as you can. Whether it’s James Booker maniacally shredding out Chopin’s ‘Minute Waltz’ on the piano, Lowell George crooning the world weary lyrics to his homage to truck drivers in ‘Willin’, Zigaboo Modeliste laying down back beats second to absolutely no one during a Meters club show or simply listening to Rick Danko and Levon Helm picking mandolin and guitar in front of a few lucky patrons at a bar in Portland, OR back in 1983…It’s all just good and good for your head.

Pass the music on to those you think will love it as much as you do and hold it close when you fell you need it most. That’s what it’s all about!


Matt Frawley


Muddy Waters – Live at Paul’s Mall, Boston, MA – June 15, 1976


Here we have a show that’s very near and dear to my heart. I taped this off WBCN-FM in Boston in 1993 during Carter Allen’s Sunday Morning Blues Review. He’d mine the WBCN vaults each week for some of the best blues performances that had been broadcast over the air during their years as “The Rock Of Boston.” Another favorite is the 1978 B.B. King show I shared here last year which is still available and highly recommended.

While B.B. was a consummate showman with a polished big band, Muddy and his crew hit the stage sounding like they had been drinking all afternoon getting nice and loose for the evening’s set. And to make this an even more special occasion, then-mayor Kevin White presented Muddy and his band with a proclamation that the day of the show would be officially observed as Muddy Waters Day in the city, undoubtedly a special honor for the blues legend.

I treasured this on cassette for many, many years in the ’90s and am happy to share it with you now.

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