Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy & Robert Cray – Royal Albert Hall – London, England – February 3rd 1990


Not much to say about this except it was originally broadcast on BBC 1 FM and just smokes from start to finish. Clapton explains early on that the band had only had one rehearsal the day before so “things may be a little loose.” Sounds tight as hell to me!

Don’t miss out on Johnnie Johnson’s (Chuck Berry’s long time pianist) excellent contributions, either. This is a classic show in every way.

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Steve Miller, Jimmie Vaughan & Charlie Musselwhite – The Rose Theater @ Lincoln Center, New York, NY – December 2, 2017


I’m typically not huge on Steve Miller. ‘Greatest Hits 1974-1978’ was one of my first CDs and I knew all the hits but I didn’t listen to him much after my early teens. What I later discovered was that he made a slew of blues albums early on (some with Boz Scaggs) and is a still a major blues enthusiast.

This very recent broadcast finds him with Mississippi harmonica virtuoso, Charlie Musselwhite and ex-Fabulous Thunderbirds guitarist (and Stevie Ray’s brother), Jimmie Vaughan. It’s one of the best live shows I’ve pulled recently and has been getting a lot of play around my house.

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Graham Parker & The Rumour – Live in New York City, 1979

Graham Parker & The Rumour – Live at The Palladium, New York City, NY – May 11, 1979


I first heard Graham Parker & The Rumour around 1992 when my father brought home a copy of ‘Burning Questions.’ I thought then – and still do – that he sounds like a mix of Elvis Costello and early Joe Jackson with some Dylan thrown in.

In 1979, Parker set out on an extensive tour to promote his then current (and still my favorite) LP, ‘Squeezing Out Sparks.’ Several broadcasts were arranged by stations in the cities where they played and I was given this one by an older Deadhead friend of mine. He saw the same tour earlier in San Francisco and said it ranked among one the very best he’s ever seen by anyone. High praise indeed from someone who caught The Dead and many other bands in their prime!

Here we have Graham & The Rumour burning up The Palladium in New York City as broadcast by WNEW-FM. It’s an outstanding show and long a favorite of mine. I never go very long without having it in my rotation. If you like a little new wave, a little punk and some pub rock to round it out, check these guys out!

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY – August 15, 1995


Here’s a tribute I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write for a very long time. I think the best testament to the huge appeal of Tom Petty’s music came the day after his death. A fan asked David Crosby on Twitter if he was of fan. Croz responded, “Wasn’t Everybody?” It’s not an exaggeration, either. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were every bit as vital as Dylan, Neil, The Stones, you name them.

I have many Tom Petty shows in my collection but chose this one as it was recorded during the tour that I first caught them live – at the old Boston Garden with a very nice opening set by The Jayhawks. This one comes from a few months later when the band hit SPAC in upstate New York. SPAC isn’t just your average shed. It sits on miles of park grounds with statues and a giant reflecting pool. This must have been a lovely evening for this fine show.

It wasn’t until 2008 when I saw them again at Great Woods in Mansfield. I was hoping to maybe I could take my son to see Tom some day as I figured he was going to stay out there like Dylan, Neil & Willie. RIP, Tom. You’ll be missed more than you can possibly imagine.

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Frawls’ Fall 2017 Live Music Mix

This is for my WordPress buddy, John B, who asked me to make him a new mix for his road trip. I think he probably already took his trip since the request came over a month ago (Sorry, dude!) but hopefully he can enjoy this one on his next trek. For everyone else, this will kill two plus hours at home, in the car or at a party.

01 Surrender (Tom Petty-Sausalito ’77) 3

02 Comin’ Through (War On Drugs – Paris ’14) 4

03 Ride Across The River (Dire Straits – Houston ’85) 10

04 Can’t Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood – Chicago ’03) 5

05 Walking On (Steve Winwood – Chicago ’03) 7

06 Incident At Neshabur (Santana – Cape Cod ’81) 13

07 Chicken Dog (John Scofield – Netherlands ’98) 12

08 Hope Springs Eternal (John Scofield – Netherlands ’98) 6

09 Steppin’ Out (Joe Jackson – Philadelphia ’08) 4

10 Morrison (Crosby, Pevar & Raymond – Hamburg ’98) 5

11 In My Dreams (Crosby, Pevar & Raymond – Hamburg ’98) 7

12 Tired of Waiting (Rick Danko – NYC ‘77) 3

13 I Need You (Rolling Stones – ‘Some Girls’ Outtake) 4

14 Yellow Cab (Rolling Stones – ‘Some Girls’ Outtake) 6

15 Fire in The Belly (Van Morrison – Basel ’00) 6

16 Back On Top (Van Morrison – Basel ’00) 4

17 You Don’t Have To Go (Muddy Waters – Boston ’77) 4

18 Got My Mojo Workin’ (Muddy Waters – Boston ’77) 3

19 Statesboro Blues (Warren Haynes, Dickey Betts & Rick Derringer – NYC ’88) 7

20 Pretzel Logic (Steely Dan – Toronto ’11) 7

21 Tumbleweed in Eden (Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Live ‘14 ) 12

Despite being different artists, you will find this compilation by going to the ‘Artists’ folder in your music library and looking under ‘Various Artists.’. If you’re searching by album, it will be under ‘Frawls’ Fall 2017 Mix.’

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Gregg Allman – Assorted Demos and Great Studio Tracks


I’ll leave it to those who have written some excellent tributes to Gregg Allman, who passed this weekend after battling liver cancer. I’m sure it’s obvious if you follow this blog that The Allman Brothers are one of my very favorite groups and one that I had the good fortune to see in concert many, many times.

For this tribute, I’d like to focus on Gregg Allman the singer and songwriter. I’ve combined two albums worth of studio material, both unavailable except in trading circles. The first is a lengthy ‘Anthology’ that was very briefly released in 1997 and contains a treasure trove of unreleased studio takes. My personal favorites are ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’, ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ ‘Can You Fool’ and an exquisite ‘These Days’ which blows away the officially released version. It’s a shame this album was pulled upon it’s released but here’s a clean copy for you to enjoy free of charge.

The next is an aborted album from 1995, titled ‘The Duck Tape Sessions’ here. It features a very young Derek Trucks and several members of the legendary Muscle Shoals session players. Many of these songs would go on to be featured on the ‘Searching For Simplicity’ album but with much unneeded production. The version here is far superior.

Both shows are albums are in the same file. Click the link above or below to download this folder from Dropbox. Unzip > Import to iTunes > Enjoy!


Sting – Live at Wembley Stadium, London, England – November 30th, 1991


Here’s a nice capture of a Sting concert recorded by BBC Radio 1-FM during his 1991 tour promoting The Soul Cages, a broody, jazz tinged tribute to his then recently deceased father. This marked the end of perhaps Sting’s most jazz influenced phase. He would soon focus more on straight ahead pop bringing him far more commercial success as a solo artist.

It was also during this tour that my father and I caught an excellent show in Mansfield, MA (see ticket above – a whopping $23 for seats under the pavilion!). Even as a 13-year-old, it was easy to be impressed by Sting’s ace band which featured Frank Zappa veteran Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Dominic Miller on guitar and one time E Street band keyboard player David Sancious. David Sancious was an absolute monster that night, oozing jazz filled piano runs (check out his solo on ‘When The World Is Running Down‘ here) and MIDI horn riffs controlled by a mouth piece attached to his keyboards. He made quite an impression on me and I can still see him leaning into his keyboard rack, pounding out one amazing line after another.

The set list featured here was the exact same one we saw and I remember being amused with his choice of Bill Withers’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine‘ and Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze.’ His solo tracks were rendered beautifully. ‘All This Time‘ (a criminally underrated song), ‘Why Should I Cry For You‘ (with a lovely segue into ‘If I Were A Carpenter‘) and ‘Fortress Around Your Heart‘ were all standouts that night, as they are on this recording.

But it was the songs from The Police repertoire that had the crowd on its feet. One of my most vivid memories of the night (and of any concert) was the crowd swaying and singing along to the chorus of ‘Walking On The Moon‘ under the late summer sky, overpowering Sting’s vocals. Blissful!

This performance is a lot of fun to revisit. I hope you find will enjoy it as well.

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